"The closest thing to being cared for is to care for some else." 

Our Sunflower Family


Our aim at Sunflower Homecare is simple; to bring a little bit of sunshine into people’s lives. We wanted to create a service that marries together all the good bits we have all learnt over the years and, most importantly, we wanted it to be friendly and personable. ‘Sunflower Homecare’ is named after my late Great, Nana Glad’s favourite flower. My Nana Glad needed some support in the later years of her life, but unfortunately resisted it, as she was a very independent lady.

We want to change the way people feel about receiving care and support. Each time we begin to support a new client we treat them like we would expect our own loved ones to be treated - with respect and compassion, promoting their independence always.

Whether the care and support delivered is at home, or in the local community, we ensure all our clients feel safe and in good hands. We achieve this in many ways; a values-based recruitment process to confirm the suitability for the role; an extensive programme to ensure potential team members have the values, skills and knowledge that are needed, while ensuring they’re aware of their responsibilities; and also through regular one to ones with staff, to ensure they feel supported.

As I said before, we want to change the way people think about receiving care. We also want to change people’s perception of carers and encourage them to see that it is a career, not just a job. Having worked as a carer, I understand the importance of making sure employees, as well as clients, feel valued. Having an open door policy and praising our Carers’ when they go above and beyond plays a key part in our Sunflower family journey.

We have a fantastic team of carers, who all bring something special and individual to the team. They are: Jane, Anda, Michala, Shaneen, Lorraine, Richard, Sally, Janette, Sarah, Mihai and Jemma.

Rhiannon Richards -Managing Director

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Toni Claydon - Branch Manager


Toni is responsible for the day to day running of the branch and comes with a wealth of experience in the industry, including two previous Registered Manager's posts and two 'GOOD' CQC inspection results.



Nicky Dennis - Risk Assessor

Nicky is our Risk Assessor and is responsible for assessing our client's needs and creating their Care and Support Plan. Nicky also reviews each client's care package on a regular basis to ensure outcomes are being met.